Our Services

Our professional project managers are expert in their respective disciplines, have an entrepreneurial spirit and an ability to deliver on positive commercial outcomes.


Project Strategies Australia’s highly qualified and experienced team have developed an enviable reputation in property advice and strategy, early involvement will ensure commercial maximisation and return on the project investment.

Our services include

  • Due Diligence
  • Site Assessment
  • Acquisition
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Disposal and Sales advice
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Procurement Management
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Project Strategies Australia provide full or partial Development Management Services for any type of project, our services are tailored to each client’s requirements.
Project Strategies’ Development Management service, in conjunction with the Project Management service, provides a whole-of-project management solution that encompasses the design, construction, fitout and ‘end user’ coordination, handover, leasing and disposal of the built product

This role includes

  • Development planning
  • Project brief
  • Project strategies
  • Concept formulation
  • Selection, appointment & liaison with key project team members
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Sales & marketing liaisons
  • Sustainability analysis


Our team have built our business and reputation on delivering our projects on time. We have achieved this success through exceptional programming and diligent program monitoring throughout the Master Planning, conceptual, design, construction and fitout periods.

By providing in-house programming services, Project Strategies has the ability to quickly update programmes to suit evolving project requirements, and can use this to provide additional advice regarding the effect of alternative construction methods or revised staging options.

These capabilities include

  • Industry compatible software
  • Software integration with other parties
  • Risk management
  • Tenancy coordination
  • Process and systems development
  • Project controls and reporting
  • Project prioritisation
  • Independent certification


Project Strategies flexibility allows us to provide a range of services to suit all projects and delivery methods, we will tailor the scope of service to match the needs of our Clients and the unique circumstances of each project.

Project Strategies success has been achieved by meticulous attention to detail and our delivery of the following project management capabilities.

  • Forecasting
  • Accurate time cost planning
  • Budgeting
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Programming
  • Quality control
  • Risk management
  • Safety-in-design
  • Quality management
  • ESD principles
  • Authority approvals
  • Construction procurement
  • Contract administration
  • End-user liaisons
  • Post construction services
  • Defects management


Project Strategies manages all aspects of the tenancy coordination from the initial meeting with the tenant through to ensuring that the tenant is open for trade in accordance with the Agreement for Lease a true one stop solution.

We have developed industry leading expertise in managing the concurrent handover of multiple tenancies in complex retail projects, and in assisting coordinated specialty-store completion in conjunction with the main facility opening.

Our tenancy approach includes a comprehensive Tenancy Fitout Manual which covers:

  • All aspects of tenancy design
  • Handover procedure
  • Statutory obligations and requirements for tenancy opening
  • Lessee and lessor obligations
  • Processing of variations


Project Strategies offers a complete end to end solution we have significant experience and expertise in managing the coordinated concurrent handover of multiple dwellings in large-scale residential projects.

Project Strategies can coordinate the three main stages of the residential dwelling sales process.

  • All aspects of tenancy design
  • Handover procedure
  • Statutory obligations and requirements for tenancy opening
  • Lessee and lessor obligations
  • Processing of variations


Client solicitors and Sales Agents

Particular attention is given to the front end issues of marketing materials, body corporate establishment and sales contracts


Management of Purchaser variations

We manage the liaisons between purchaser and head contractor


Management of defect rectification, asset settlement and handover and initial operational issues relating to body corporate

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Our expertise and experience allows us to assist and rescue projects that are under commercial stress, in particular those projects that are already under construction.

To ensure the commercial optimization of your project our process includes

  • Identification of the primary stressors
  • Detailed analysis of the program
  • Forecasted completion costs
  • Provide options for staged completion
  • Modified handover evaluation and possible partial capping
  • Minimisation and optimization of ongoing costs

In the final stage, Project Strategies can manage defect rectification, assist settlements and handover and initial operational issues relating to the Body Corporate.